Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.
--C.S. Lewis--

Monday, March 23, 2009

Flipping The Omlette

No, that's not some crazy new slang the kids are using these days. It's a celebration of personal success. This morning, for the first time, I successfully kept my omelet intact from the moment the egg went into the pan to the moment it arrived on the plate. In case you are unaware of the proper manner for preparing an omelet, it must be turned over to make sure that the egg is cooked thoroughly. Most of the time, I either destroy the omelet in this process, or at best, manage to use the spatula to maneuver it in a pathetic, halfhearted flopping manner. I've always aspired to master the genuine flip, in which one carelessly lobs the omelet in the air and catches it back in the pan, unscathed and glorious in its rotated splendor.

Now, I know there are people out there for whom this is effortless, almost instinctive behavior. They go about flipping omelets, pancakes, and even spinning pizza dough on their knuckles as if it were the easiest thing in the world. For those of us limited to the mortal plane however, such challenges are often beyond our dexterity. Attempts to replicate these carefree folk leave us with spills and empty stomaches more often than not. Not today however! With a confident snap of the wrist, end over end it went! If I die tomorrow, it is enough!